It is becoming even easier these days to own yourself your own artificial putting green, either in your backyard or, if you want to follow Justin Timberlake's lead, inside your home. There are an increasing number of companies that will help you in choosing your layout and in the installation of the synthetic grass that you can use for the purpose.

When you hear that golf professionals are also using and promoting the fact that they use these artificial putting greens you begin to get the idea that it is becoming a genuine resource. That's obviously why there seems to be more and more of them being installed around the country. Installing a reasonably sized putting green with variations in slope, speed and hole settings are a possibility that will enable your game to move ahead in leaps and bounds.

Not Just For Putting

Many of the designs that are available from specialist artificial green companies are not merely restricted to putting. You can also choose to have a small bunker included in the design so that you can practice your bunker play as you blast out onto the synthetic green. Similarly a small chipping area from slightly longer grass can be set up to help the greenside short game. All of this can be squeezed into a surprisingly small area and will be easily suitable for the backyard.

Some companies are even able to offer you the choice of installing a green based on a specific course. Because tournament golf courses have been so exquisitely crafted, the grass used on the greens are already extremely similar to artificial grass anyway. It is not a stretch by any means to consider synthetic grass will be a close match. With improvements in artificial grass blade technology it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between real grass and fake grass.

The maintenance involved with keeping the artificial grass on the putting greens looking its best is constant although not demanding. Tasks such as lifting the pile of the artificial grass on a regular basis to keep the grass blades upright are required. This would be done with an artificial grass pile lifter, a rotating brush that passes over the grass, agitating the grass fibers and fluffing them up from their compressed state.

Companies are able to help their customers in the design of their residential putting greens, lending their experience to give advice on what design might work better than others. When you are installing a putting green in the backyard you want to make it one that will not only be challenging but also versatile enough to give you practice in all kinds of different situations.

As mentioned at the start of this piece, it has recently been revealed that Justin Timberlake has installed an artificial turf putting green in his house. That's IN his house, not in the backyard of his house. Apparently the installation cost him $800,000 to convert a room. We mere mortals don't necessarily have to take it to this extreme with an outdoor artificial grass putting green costing significantly less than this.