What minimum quantity can be ordered?

The orders are dispatched as truckload deliveries of 17-18 tons as a standard. In case of specific types (colours, non-standard dtex values), the minimum quantity per order is 6 tons.

How can I get samples?

Pursuant to a consultation with the product manager, we are ready to deliver a set of 30 spools for production of a test carpet.

How are the goods packed?

The goods are delivered in paper cartons with honeycomb pads on Euro-pallets (120x80 cm).

What are the dimensions of the final spool?

Dimensions of the paper tube are 72x280 mm (inside diameter x height), the spool diameter ranges from 240 to 270 mm according to the particular dtex value.

What is the delivery term?

Once the terms of the order have been approved by both the customer and LANEX a.s., delivery takes from 3-4 weeks.

Is the GREENEX fibre hygienically safe?

We do not use heavy metals in the production process, so the yarn is environmentally safe and recyclable.