This line of monofilament and tape is made of high-quality 100% polyethylene granulate. The uniqueness of our monofilament consists mainly in its shape which reduces the adverse shock-induced effects considerably. With its unique shape that resembles natural grass, the monofilament reduces the risk of injury of players after a fall significantly and protects the skin from grazing and burning. (Unlike other shapes, as diamond, rectangular, square or round.) Due to this shape, the molecular structure is much more stable than that of the other shapes of fibres and offers ideal frictional and sliding properties. The special polymer used makes the fibre agreeably soft and non-fraying, which renders better sliding properties. The colourfastness of the monofilament is guaranteed by the high resistance to effects of UV radiation. Having carried out hard tests, we can guarantee that the fibre maintains its colour and other mechanical propertires for a period of 8 years. The monofilament in two-colour combination, the so-called bicolor, beside it´s natural look, gives even better results than natural grass in many aspects because of its resistance to weather effects and its ideal elasticity.

We protect you ...

Thanks to the Young's modulus which sets the fibre upright after the action of deforming load, the unique shape of the monofilament reduces the wear of organs of motion considerably.

... and the environment

We do not use heavy metals in the production process, so the monofilament poses no threat to the environment and players.


= optimum balance between surface properties, easiness and flexibility of use guarantee of gaming comfort, safety and satisfaction.

LANEX a.s.

we are a leading manufacturer of technical fibres in Central Europe since 1949 we offer our GREENEX line to manufacturers of artificial lawns:

  • monofilament fibre with unique technical parameters
  • fibrillated tape for sports as well as landscape

Quality, Logistics, Servicing

“LANEX a.s. is certified according to ISO 9001:2000. All materials used in production are carefully selected, each stage of our manufacturing process is being continuously inspected and monitored. Timely deliveries according to individual requirements of our clients are a matter of course. We understand that each buyer has specific requirements, so we are ready to modify our products in compliance with the buyer's wishes and to cooperate in the development of new types of lawns.”