The recent extreme snow conditions have resulted in dog owners having to find alternative ways to take their pets to the bathroom. In many cases as soon as the dog ventures out into the snow they disappear deeply into the soft powder, a dangerous prospect particularly for the smaller dogs.

There are a number of products around making good use of synthetic grass in their ideas that can be used as temporary means for the dogs to relieve themselves in comfort and safety while awaiting the return of reasonable conditions.

The first is known as the PottyPatch, a product made of synthetic grass that is also endorsed by the American Kennel Club. The PottyPatch has three layers to provide the maximum comfort and functionality possible. The top layer is synthetic grass which the dogs will find comfortable to walk on. The second layer is a mesh grate that allows liquids to drain quickly away. The bottom layer is a collection tray that is large enough for multiple uses. It is also simple to empty and clean when required. The PottyPatch comes in two sizes to suit small and large dogs.

Also available is another synthetic grass-based product called The Pup-Head which is a product that makes use of Pup-Grass. Pup-Grass is one of the most well known forms of synthetic grass for dogs. The Pup-Head provides an area that looks and feels like a patch of grass. The Pup-Grass is scented to encourage the dogs to use it. It's portable enough to take with you ehn you travel so if you are going to be in an RV or traveling by boat, the Pup-Head might come in very handy.

Or how about the Porch Potty and its up-market buddy the Porch Potty Premium? Now the standard version is a patch of synthetic grass measuring 28” x 52” that sits atop a catch basin. The whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning and waste removal. The premium version comes complete with a mini fire hydrant to help the dogs with the hint as to what they should be doing on it. After your dog has done its business you can turn on the hose and a mini sprinkler system will pop up and clean the grass clean. A 14 foot drain hose that comes with the premium then allows the dirty water to drain away. In almost no time the water will have left your piece of synthetic grass odor free and ready for the next use.

These products are not only appropriate as a short term alternative to going outside during inclement weather they can also be useful when potty training a puppy or for apartment or high rise building living. The links above will take you to the company home pages so you can get a little more information.